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Comprehensive servicing

Comprehensive servicing

Size: Upto 3L Engine oil

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Product details

• Vehicle test drive inspection

• Engine oil draining and replacement (Original shell oil 5W30 HX6)
• Oil filter replacement
• Air filter removal and cleaning
• Cabin filter removal and  cleaning
• Coolant top up
• Brake oil top up 
• Power steering fluid top up 
• Distil water top up 
• Wiper water with shampoo filling 
• Wiper blade & nozzle check 
• Fan belt checking

• Battery check up and distilled water top up 

• Gear lever greasing 
• Oiling and greasing on all doors and hinges
• Oiling all key lock 
• Oiling-seat railing 
• Oiling door glasses 
• Oiling clutch break and accelerator
• All electric units and light check

• Vacuum inside engine area
• Engine bay cleaning with solution  
• Tyre pressure check and air fill up
• Exterior foam wash

• Interior & exterior polishing

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