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Elite wash pro

Elite wash pro

per month

Product details

• Professional car wash service rendered every alternate days ( 3 days in a week) 

 • Interior vacuuming (Once a week) 

 • Floor mats washing (Once a week) 

 • Interior dashboard and door polishing (Once a week) 

 • Installation of car perfume and floor mats (Once a Month) 

 • Exterior foam wash  (Once a month) 

  • Tyre pressure check and air filling (Once a week) 

  • Wiper water filling (Once a week) 

  •  Add on 1 Car & 1  bike for monthly wash (3 times a week)  

  • Ideal for people who are looking to wash-scribe  for 2 cars and 1 bike

  • Plan validity 1 month.

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